Who The Hell Am I?


I’m a very lucky guy.  I’ve been blessed with just about all the things that you could ask for – a loving (and gorgeous) spouse, relatively cordial relationships with family, and a reasonably successful career.  Honestly, given my somewhat traumatic childhood, it’s a freaking miracle that I got where I am.  But that’s another story: this blog chronicles the journeys of one gay man into fatherhood.  A journey that I wasn’t even sure that I wanted to take, and only started because of the loving support of my husband.

We did start by looking into adoption, but that process can be something of a black hole with uncertain timing – especially if you want an infant.  My husband has his heart set on experiencing the whole gamut of parenthood, right from the very beginning.  (Personally, I would have been content to bypass diaper-changing and late night feedings.)  So we ended up turning to egg donation (ED), gestational surrogacy (GS) and in-vitro fertilization (IVF) – because at some point in time the timeline is definitively nine months.

So the irony is that we started this parenthood journey nearly four years ago.  And, as you’ll see, we’ve encountered just about every obstacle imaginable along the way.