It Was Then That I Carried You

We’re now at 16 weeks GA (14 weeks post transfer), and we’ve pretty much knocked out all the (initial) high-ticket purchases needed for our babies now.  (My brother, father of three, tells me the expense flood gates have only begun to open.)  The last major purchases were infant car seats and a stroller, which my husband’s father and step-mother bought – much to the relief of my aching checkbook.

To be honest, the hardest part of our most recent baby purchase wasn’t the price tag but the nightmarish quest for products that would meet our needs.  After all, this wasn’t a decision that could be solely made on the cuteness factor.  I consider myself a reasonably intelligent person, but it still took weeks of research and countless in-person visits to stores throughout the county before we figured things out.  The biggest challenge was, of course, finding infant “travel systems” (that’s a high-brow manufacturer phrase, not one that I made up) workable for twins.  And wouldn’t you know, Consumer Reports‘ top rated convertible car seat (that transitions from infant to toddler to booster seat) isn’t compatible with any twin strollers.  So if you want to be able to move your twin infants from the car to a stroller without waking them up, you have to buy a dedicated infant car seat because they’re the only ones you can lift out of the car and attach directly to a twin stroller.  Which would be fine except then you have to buy at least two car seats for each baby: one for the infant stage and at least one other for the toddler stage. What happened to the good old days when parents tossed their kids into an unrestrained pickup truck flatbed with the dog?

img_3140As I mentioned, it took us weeks to figure it out but we finally settled on the Chicco KeyFit 30 infant car seat and the Baby Jogger 2016 City Select® stroller because the car seat is rated tops for safety and the stroller was the best one we could find that could accommodate two Chicco car seats.  In total, a “travel system” for our kids will cost nearly $1,500.  And that’s just to carry them around!

This not-insignificant investment just to carry the kids brought the “Footprints“allegory to mind.  You know, the one that’s so hackneyed and commercialized (with plaques, posters, keychains, and all sorts of other crap) that a once quaintly sentimental text is now saccharine.  Even as a Christian, I’m still really amused by Ellen DeGeneres’ variation on the allegory – where she explains that the one set of footprints was when God was on her back.  Oh well, I suppose I’ll end up spending much more on the kids’ shoes than I did on their freaking infant “travel system” – bless their little feet.

Our next OB appointment is in four weeks – it’s the 20 week appointment, which is the halfway point and a milestone.  We should be able to tell genders by then but, just to make sure, we’re also having a special high-definition ultrasound done because I’m SO done with waiting to find out!

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